Spare Change

from by Plex



What the hell you talkin' bout?
Why is everybody smokin' meth and rockin' out?
Two thirds of the world on prescription drugs;
We don't need pills, all it takes is hugs.
Can't we all just love one another,
Stop buildin' barriers based on skin color?
Kids in canada with nothin' in the fridge
And children in the middle east fightin' for religion
Kinda seems like we've all been brainwashed,
We can't get enough, so we take what they got
Now we all need body armor,
Here comes another goddamned suicide bomber
I can't believe that they ban marijuana,
We do what we're told instead of what we wanna
It looks as though we're headin' towards slaughter,
We'll know it, when we're all killin' over water.

We're killing ourselves, isn't it strange
I know a change is just around the corner

Every now and then, i tend to think back,
Before any 12 year old ever thought about crack,
In fact, summertime wasn't all about love,
Bet your last dollar that it wasn't all about drugs
I shrug it off, try to think about the next day,
Try to recap facts my homeboy rex say,
Family builds strength, strengths turn to pride,
Your time to ride, forget that suicide,
Live the next day better than the last,
Forget about tomorrow, don't forget about the
Have fun, don't run too fast,
It's known to kick you in the ass,
Honestly i wanna see you alive,
'Til you're old enough to drive,
Man you gotta survive,
What the heck is spare change,
Man it's all about change,
It's all about change.

Chorus: x 2

No solution,
No resolution
Revelation proven,
The poor loosing.
We choosing
Between, me and you
And,easily brusin
The planet. Amusing
Fantasies keeping us enthusin’
We unmoved when powers are abused.
We cool, we just by new shoes.
Like our contribution to the economy was huge.
You fools! Big jewels, and pro tools?
I got cubase and an atari st2.
With a disk drive that's slightly askew.
I make beats and write rhymes too.
An instrumental from doug from the du.
I'm mean plex. There ain't no excuse.
Don't take the chip or fall for the rouse.
They're in on it too, so don't listen to the news.
Its been the new world order since Bush 2.
I drink a brew, and sometimes listen to you

Chorus: x 4


from BrainStorm (ALBUM), track released April 14, 2009
D.Bedard / R.Kanatakta / W.Leblanc / R.Mark



all rights reserved


Plex Toronto, Ontario

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